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Click on the ORGs tab to get the list of your active ORGs (all ORGs you have opened in your browser) or all the ORGs ever configured (not only the active ones):


The tab can be selected by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + O (read Options section for customization of shortcuts).

From this panel you can:

  • Switch between active ORGs and configured ones (click the All button)
  • Search for an org in the quick search text box (CTRL + F)
  • Create / Edit / Delete an ORG configuration

Click on the edit icon next to an org to trigger the edit panel:

You can setup the following fields:

  • Org ID: Salesforce ORG Id (editable only if the ORG is not active)
  • Label: tab's title
  • Icon's color (HEX): icon's color

Configuring your ORGs leads to this useful behavior:

This is extremely handy when you work in different ORGs at the same time.

The Quick Links section allow the creation of quick links to be used in your ORG (more details on how to use this feature in the next sections).

The binocular icon allow to get a relative path from the currently selected tab (you better have a focus on a Salesforce tab!).

The + button creates a new instance of a quick link (with the info provided) but you have to hit Save to actually save and sync data.

The Import/Export button helps importing / exporting quick links across ORGs.

All ORGs are synced by default, there is no way to make an ORG configuration unsynced.

After an ORG configuration is saved, it can take up to 10 seconds for the new icon/title to be updated on all opened tabs.


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