GUIDES Quick demo videos to learn how to use the best Saleforce Chrome Extension ever

ORGanizer's Tutorial by Doug Dunfee

Hightlights of some of the best main admin features

ORGanizer's Tutorial by Canal Salesforce Brasil

All the ORGanizer awesomeness in Portuguese!

Create a new Account

Create a new ORGanizer account to log into Salesorce.

Login with security token

Create a new ORGanizer account to login using the security token.

Login with OAuth

Create a new ORGaznier account to login using the OAuth flow (no password is stored in the process).

Manage accounts

Learn how you can sort and search ORGanizer accounts and the different kind of supported login actions.

Customize ORG tabs

Customize your Saleforce experience by configuring Chrome tabs icon color and title.

Open Quicklinks plugin

Use the @links command.

Quicklinks @login command

Login from within a Salesforce tab by using the @login command.

Quicklinks @objects command

Navigate to Salesforce Objects setup pages using the @objects command.

Quicklinks @search and @help commands

Global search with the @search command and quicklinks comprehensive list with the @help command.

Quicklinks @add and @history commands

Add a new quicklink from a Salesforce tab with the @addcode command and manage a history of temporary quicklinks with the @history command.

Quick Console Home Plugin

Open the Quick Console feature and its Home plugin.

Quick Console SOQL Plugin

Use the Quick Query plugin to execute SOQL queries and Tooling API queries.

More to come...

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