• SOQL autocomplete support (with dynamic describes) on Quick Query plugin Requested by you
    Plugins;Plugins - Quick Console;Plugins - Quick Query

  • Formula autocomplete support (with standard function helper) Requested by you
    Plugins;Plugins - Enhanced Formula

  • New @history Quicklink command to add a list of temporary org links (stack of 20 items).
    Add a new history link by using te @add optional_item_name subcommand Requested by you
    Plugins;Plugins - Quicklinks

  • Tooling API support for Quick Query plugin Requested by you
    Plugins - Quick Query

  • Automatic (Ctrl + I) code indent for Enhanced Formula and Execute anonymous plugins Requested by you
    Plugins;Plugins - Quick Console;Plugins - Quick Query;Plugins - Execute Anonymout;Plugins - Enhanced Formula

  • The ORGanizer button can be placed on the bottom left corner or in the upperleft side Requested by you

  • Added support for the "Limits REST API" call in the "Home" Quick Console plugin
    Plugins;Plugins - Quick Console;Plugins - Home

  • Create a new quicklink item on the fly using the @add mandatory_item_name subcommand within the @links command Requested by you
    Plugins;Plugins - Quicklinks

  • # wildcard to open a quick link on another tab can be put at the beginning or at the end of the searched item Requested by you
    Plugins;Plugins - Quicklinks

  • Added namespace prefix on @objects quick link feature
    Plugins;Plugins - Quicklinks

  • Changed the sort algorithm for quick links search (first labels then urls) Requested by you
    Plugins;Plugins - Quicklinks

  • Several plugins UI fixes

Version 0.5.0


  • Login with OAuth: you can authorize the ORGanizer to log into an ORG without storing any password.
    The authorization token is encrypted and stored locally, no remote sync is in place.
    You need to authorize every laptop in which you use ORGanizer. Asked by users
  • Automatic accounts and ORGs backup: from Options page set the maximum number of automatic backups (default 10) and download them from the select list.
    A backup is created everytime you change an Account or ORG configuration.
    Every backup is only locale (this means you have a different bunch of backups for every Chrome browser).

  • Quick Query plugin: save named queries using the Very Important Queries interface. Asked by users

  • Execute Anonymous plugin: save named scripts using the Very Important Scripts interface. Asked by users

  • Quick console plugin: if you loose your Quick Console window (by playing with window size) you can reset to default size in the Options page. Asked by users

Version 0.4.2


  • Login with Security token. Asked by users

  • Qucklinks: get the list of all available standard / custom / object quick links (type @help). Asked by users

  • Various UI enhancements.
  • Popup closes correctly after incognito mode window opens.

Version 0.4.1


  • Main remote password encryption enhanced.
    To use the new settings, go to the Options page, scroll down to the Encryption section, then Disable and Enable encryption again typing your main password.
    We are using a more secure algorithm to store the remote password.

  • Login directly into the Developer Console with a brand new popup action Asked by users

  • Convert Salesforce ID plugin: no need to click on the Convert button. On first load, if there is a Salesforce ID copied in memory, the plugin converts it automatically. Asked by users

  • Quick ORG Describe plugin: select the fields and watch the query building up in the upper text area. Double click to copy into memory. Asked by users

  • Quicklink: the plugin now divide links into categories; type @ to see all categories (or commands) Asked by users:
    • @links: standard and custom quick links (type # to open links into another tab)
    • @login: login to another ORG (type # to open links into another tab)
    • @objects: search through standard and custom objects (e.g. Case: fields, type # to open links into another tab)
    • @search: global search in your ORG (type # to open links into another tab)

Version 0.4.0


  • Quicklink: added new standard shortcuts: Inbound/Outbound changesets, Installed Packages, Apex Classes/Triggers, Visualforce pages/components, Lightning components. Asked by users
  • Quick Query plugin: now you can download results in CSV. Asked by users
    History now shows all the query's content on mouse hoveing.
  • SObject fields plugin: now you can download object data in JSON and CSV. Asked by users
  • Quick ORG Describe plugin: now you can download field describe in JSON and CSV. Asked by users
  • Execute anonymous plugin: now you can set all the debug level at once with the "All" picklist.
    History now shows all the script's content on mouse hoveing.
  • Code rewritten to support Bootstrap conflicts.
  • Debug log on Execute anonymous plugin now shows only 10,000 characters and "..." link do download full log.
  • Various UI enhancements on Quick Console.

Version 0.3.3


  • Replace API Names plugin now works on Outbound Change Set editing page, Field Sets editing page and Page Layout editor. Asked by users
  • Replace API Names now can be triggered directly without opening the Quick Console by hitting [CTRL/CMD + ALT + 6] Asked by users
  • Quick links: allow for standard/custom object setup page search (e.g. Field list, layouts page, ...)Asked by users
  • Magic button shows items short cuts on mouse hovering
  • Sobject fields plugin now shows correctly also readonly fields.



  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Version 0.3.2


  • Quick Console displays the ORG tab icon/title on its title bar to ease ORG recognition Asked by users
  • Added custom sorting on Account's group on the popup: drag & drop Account groups up and down to create your custom order Asked by users
  • Query and Execute anonymous plugins' history select list now longer need a submit button to load entries on the main textarea Asked by users
  • Fix on plugins UI

Version 0.3.1


  • New support site online: send ideas, suggestions and bugs directly from the main site.
    Click here to open the Support Page.
  • Now you can set up the tab size property on the Formula Enhanced Editor: this way you decide how many spaces a tab is composed on (defaults to 4). Click on the Options page to change de fault value.
  • The organizer button has been removed from the Developer Console page.

Version 0.3.0


We are finally on live Beta!

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