Salesforce ORGanizer Chrome Extension
organizer BETA
The best Salesforce Chrome Extension ever

what is it about?

ORGanizer Chrome Extension lets you forget about your® username and passwords and help you to recognize® tabs on your browser.

Never forget a password!

Can you figure out which ORG are you in watching the open tabs?

With ORGanizer you can choose color and title of every ORG tab you open!

With the Quick Link feature you can forget all custom pages / links releated to your orgs: create your own links library!

Choose which accounts to automatically keep in sync*, and get your data synced across all your laptops!

With the Quick Console become a super hero admin or developer by unleashing the power of your ORG with amazing plugins available at your command!

* License limitations may apply after the public beta program

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The ORGanizer Chrome Extension has been brought to you by Enrico Murru with


Graphic designer

Davide D'Annibale

He has created the logo and helped me with the CSS stuff!

Thanks for your #awesome job!

Alpha testers

Andrea Azzola

Baba Goudiaby

Carlo Muntoni

Claudio Pisanu

Diego Previtali

Fabrizio Pugliese

Francesca Deplano

Francesco Rampoldi

George Acker

Giuseppe Cubeddu

Giuseppe Napoli

Gaurav Kheterpal

Kartik Viswanadha

Lorenzo Frattini

Marco Papagni

Matteo Tatti

Pierandrea Pes

Paolo Oberti

Paolo Sarais

Roberto Fusco

Simone Capelli

Stefano Massoni

Tommaso Bolis

Tonino Colloca

Tonino Tripodi

These guys helped me to test the first versions of the extension.

Thank you guys, you deserve a piece of this app!